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Rating systems for Hazards, Safety, Effectiveness  and Difficulty levels on a 1 to 4 Scale: Low, Moderate, Substantial, and High

Disclaimer: The demonstrations contained and referenced herein are listed for the purposes of cataloging and describing chemistry demonstrations, and should only be conducted by qualified chemists who are aware of proper chemical and apparatus usage. Safety precautions such as the use of goggles, aprons, gloves, and so forth are assumed. It is also assumed that all chemicals used will be disposed of properly. Users of information posted on this site assume all responsibility for the use of that information.

Ratings for Demo Lab

Rating: 1 to 4 stars

1 Low

2 Average

3 Good

4 Excellent



Odell Taliaferro was the first Lecture Demonstrator at the UW-Madison Department of Chemistry.  Fred Jeurgens  carried on the high standards of the profession. These two men represented 50 years of professional lecturer experiment expertise.